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Our casino chips is crafted from top-tier materials such as ABS plastic, clay, ceramic, and acrylic, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal. These chips are ideally suited for a variety of casino and entertainment activities, such as poker, chess, roulette, and dice games, enhancing the fun and engagement of each.

Our expert design team offers precise product recommendations and chips customization services tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re considering options like round, square, or golf ball marker chips, or choosing from a plethora of design elements like standard colors, blank bases, stickers, or printed motifs, we provide exceptional solutions for distributors and corporate clients alike. Most importantly, we also provide RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) poker chips to enhance the security and management of gaming operations.

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About Casino Chips

Casino chips are more than just tools for gaming; they are intricate pieces of a casino’s culture and operations. These tokens are essential for gaming, from representing economic value to serving as a key element in table game security. This product introduction explores the historical significance, varieties, security features, and customization options of casino chips.

Types of Casino Chips


Clay Poker Chips: The classic casino poker chips are often made from clay or a clay composite. These chips are favored for their authentic feel and the distinctive sound they make, attributes that are highly valued in private games and tournaments alike.

Ceramic Casino Chips: Ceramic casino chips are known for their ability to be fully customized with high-quality graphics covering the entire surface of the chip. Unlike clay chips, ceramic chips are more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Plastic and Composite Chips: For everyday use and lower stakes, plastic and composite chips provide an economical and durable option. These chips are lightweight and can be mass-produced, making them a common sight in casual poker games.

Specialized Chips: For high-stake environments, rectangular casino chips, often referred to as plaques, are commonly used. These chips are typically reserved for higher values and are prevalent in many European casinos.

Themed and Collectible Chips: Las Vegas poker chips are well-known for their iconic designs and collectibility, often becoming keepsakes for visitors. Similarly, tournament poker chips are designed to meet the specific needs of competitive play, emphasizing visibility and chip integrity.

Security Features in Casino Chips


RFID poker chips: Contain microchips that allow casinos to monitor the chips’ movements, prevent counterfeiting, and ensure a secure gaming environment. This technology is crucial for maintaining the integrity of games and protecting the casino’s assets.

Custom Casino Chips


Tailored Design Options: Casinos and private parties can customize their poker chip set to reflect a particular aesthetic or brand identity. Customization can range from simple color variations and logos to intricate designs covering the entire face of the chip.

Promotional and Event Chips: Custom chips are also perfect for promotional uses or special events, allowing organizers to create unique, memorable pieces that promote engagement and retention.

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