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MACAUMR stands as a distinguished licensed casino supplies, anchored in the vibrant gaming nexus of Macau, China, often hailed as the Las Vegas of Asia.

Macaumr Casino Equipment

Our comprehensive inventory encompasses over 100 distinct types of casino equipment and accessories, ensuring a robust selection for land based casinos, poker clubs, slot halls. Since 2013, As we join the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association, further bolstering our casino supply is a substantial stockpile of spare parts, enabling us to provide unparalleled in-house technical support for every gaming supply we distribute. This commitment to excellence and customer service has fortified our reputation, allowing us to extend our reach and cultivate esteemed partnerships with clients across various countries worldwide. At MACAUMR, we are not just supplying gamble equipment; we are setting the standard for quality and reliability in the gaming industry.


Macaumr supply casinos with very advanced casino management system & rfid casino chips system, poker chips & rfid casino chips, roulette wheels & displays, casino game table & seating, playing cards & card shuffler, casino layout. We stock extensive range of Baccarat related equipment such as Baccarat gambling systems & displays, electronic & manual shoes, and other casino accessories.


RFID Poker Chips

In Las Vegas, casinos like the Wynn and Encore Casinos embed RFID tags in their chips. This allows the casinos to effectively monitor and manage the chips, track gamblers’ average bets, and enhance security against counterfeiting.

Gambling Table

Since 2003, we have started to innovate and improve our gaming tables, from the initial single drop single to the current humanized, comfortable and beautiful, leaving users with a better visual experience.

Gambling Systems

Perfect gambling table system, a full range of venue management considerations, we continue to innovate, constantly upgrading and perfect, and strive to become your venue system housekeeper!

Poker Playing Cards

With imported high-end professional industrial printing machines, strict quality control, quality customized source manufacturers of playing cards, the ultimate, high-quality poker playing experience!

Card Shuffler

Different quality levels of casino shuffling machine long-term supplier, to do the smooth shuffle, easy to operate, beautifully packaged, free hands of shuffling charm!

Poker Table Layout

Fabrics are constantly and repeatedly tested, constantly improved and upgraded, special-color printing exquisite patterns, touch feel comfortable and smooth, personalized customization comprehensive response.



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